Reliable Cloud Hosting South Africa with regular backups

9t Technologies is a provider of a high-availability, managed cloud hosting infrastructure in South Africa that permits clients to host online systems on our network. All dedicated servers are in a world class Data Center and are connected directly to the ZA public network and international peering. We allocate the exact volume of space required to ensure that space is used efficiently and without wastage.

The environment incorporates a number of physical and logical security measures to ensure access to servers is tightly controlled. The Data Center also makes use of redundant and uninterrupted power supplies and have carefully controlled temperature and humidity. A number of peripheral systems, integrated with a 24-hour help desk, are configured to provide services such as backups, hardware monitoring and utilisation statistics.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting South Africa

Facilities built to the highest standards: servers are hosted in a Data Center that is built and engineered to ensure the highest possible reliability (for both network connectivity and mains power supply) and impregnable physical security.
Africa’s biggest converged communications service network and largest online business community: servers reside on the network that delivers most of the online business information in South Africa. This ensures that your target audience and clientele are within easy reach of your applications and services.

Comprehensive services available: monitoring, 24×7 support, backups, web statistics, hardware rental and management and Microsoft software rental are some of the value-added services that 9t has to offer.

Cost-effective solutions: 9t Technologies has significant purchasing power with suppliers of services from traffic to server-room floor space. These economies of scale result in more cost-effective services than could ever be constructed in-house. Furthermore, we allocate hosting space according to your exact requirements – this means no wasted space.

Highly customisable products: the solutions offered can be tailor-made to suit customer requirements. Options allowing the flexible inclusion of all (or any) of the value-added services can be easily created and costed for you.

Support and hi-tech skills: 9t’s knowledge base and technical expertise represent the skills managing and supporting the hosting technology. We ensure that professional service and enthusiastic support are always available to you.

Business continuity features ensure maximum availability: no enterprise can afford to lose its online presence. Whether it’s a web site or a fully-fledged ordering or trading system, IS Hosting’s services ensure continuous availability of data, connectivity and mains power.

Service information integrated into the IS Customer Zone: a secure customer web portal provides up-to-date monitoring, backup and billing data for your server. You can access this information anytime and from any PC.

Why our Hosting ?
9t’s Cloud Hosting South Africa enable the hosting of web sites or co-location of dedicated servers on any platform. Any combination of hardware, operating systems and services such as Web servers, databases and business applications can be hosted in this environment. By hosting an application with us, data management, statistics, reporting, monitoring and security, allowing clients to have more time to concentrate on core business, saving on IT skills development costs and expensive IT infrastructure.